Wednesday, July 1, 2009

May 4th 2009 (To Shelly)


Thanks for the mail, I do love hearing about all that good stuff that has been going on! Well here’s the thing, I would be ok with the phone call at 3:00 but that is going to put me pretty late with the call, and the thing is we usually get our Sunday night phone calls all done you know, plus I just think it would be better a little earlier, but sorry to make you jump ship early, I hope that you understand though. The 12:30 is going to have to be it. Ok and to make sure that you have the number, it’s 607-513-044 and I’m pretty sure you have to dial a country code before hand, and it’s 34. So that’s about it for that!

Wow but as far as anything that I need, actually yes, I would love some more socks, even though you just sent me some this past little while, I am just getting rid of some of the crappy ones, but those are like last on the list. Fist would be the full sized journal pages, second would be the D&C soundtrack on CD, and third would be newer short sleeved shirts, I’m just pulling them out again, and wow I forgot that I got the most of them from other elders on the mission, and they are in pretty rough shape. But that’s too much to ask I think, so just wait until the phone call to really put together and send the package, because also it’s transfer calls this week, so who knows, even though I don’t really think I’m moving, that’s when they get you.

Well now look who’s rambling!

Take care though, thanks for the email, and I will mention a thing or two to Newt.

Have a great week! Happy Mothers Day (in advance)!!


Elder Hanson

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