Tuesday, June 30, 2009

March 30th 2009


So things have been pretty crazy at work I guess huh? Well how’s the shop doing, just curious, I mean with Dave and all that back there? Is that still going all right? How is the detail bay? I mean with all the cars that you’re getting back, things might be busy it would seem!

Well some news, we got transfer calls this last week, and my comp is taking off, and I’m getting a new comp on wed from Scotland. He’s lived in Spain before, and knows the language, so he’ll help me there, because I’m afraid to talk to the guy in English, I know I am going to imitate his accent when we talk. I already do that to people that we meet that are from England, and that’s only when we talk for a min or two, so I can’t imagine when we are going to have to live together.

But things are going pretty well here. We’re in the same boat as you, we thought the nice weather was here to stay, but it most certainly was not. We had to get out the umbrellas, and the coats, and play that whole game again! We had a really good week; I mean we taught the most lessons I have ever taught in one week, which was pretty cool.

Church was a little slow because we had daylight savings, and our cell phone didn’t change automatically, and since we never watch TV, or make much contact with the outside world, we were just getting ready for church up in the piso, when a member called us and knew that we forgot to change our clocks, so we were a little late, but it’s ok because everyone else was too.

Well we’ll see how things will go this week, getting a new comp is always fun, a little scary sometimes, but fun.

Alright, well take care! Have a good week!

Elder Hanson

March 30th 2009

(I just thought this was classic Brett!)

A quick question,

How bad do you react to mushrooms? Because I had 2 meals with them in it this past week, and I thought I was going to die because of how sick I felt, and runs, and all that. I was just curious to see if you had an allergic thing to them that I might have too? Just curious.


(Mike does not have an allergy to mushrooms...he loves them) Brett just has a sensitive stomach. poor baby. :(

March 16, 2009


Ok, this transfer is coming to an end, and I’ll just buy a new one right after, when I send the card for this transfer over.

Well thanks for the news! That’s pretty nuts huh? How is Taz doing right now? Tell him hi for me when you can. Oh and by the way did you ever get that picture I sent to the CU that said Junkers on it? I still see posters that say that over here, and I just hear Branson’s voice saying "Junkers!" every time.

Well the hump day is on it’s way, I’m most likely going to get a new comp right before, and then we’ll celebrate it somehow, I don’t think any ZL is supposed to do exchanges or anything, but that is a way cool story, and you had a good ZL too.

Otherwise things are going pretty good here, We’re teaching a decent amount still, and we’re still finding people, and the member work is going alright too. That is interesting that you have the lessons like that, because we do the same thing at times. We’ll ask families if we can practice the lessons with them, but to be honest it is mostly for the Spanish practice, and for asking questions and things like that.

One thing that is interesting is how much we have been teaching in English.

We have several investigators that know a little, but we have a few that are fluent, so we’ll teach in English! I cannot tell you how much better it is to do that! It makes things so much better! But we still are working on the

Spanish all the time, it’s just a nice break.

I had to talk yesterday, and that went ok, mainly because we had a really good investigator in church, and then the first lady who gave her talk only talked about the temple and exaltation, and how terrible this life is but after it will be so much better for like 20 min, and that was just a little scary. So when my talk was on the decisions that we make in this life, and how to enjoy this life, it made quite the contrast.

Well, I hope that all goes well,

Take care,

Elder Hanson

March 16, 2009

Hey, sorry the mail thing is way slow, myldsmail doesn’t do live updates on the screen, like they have to come when you update the whole thing. Plus the

Crappy place I’m at right now has the SLOWEST Internet ever!!!

But it’s good to hear from you,

Elder Hanson

March 9 2009


Well it’s good to hear that all is well, sorry about Shelly, so send her my

Hello’s, (that’s how you say it in Spanish)...sorry.

Me and Hulka are in pretty good contact, and that’s good, you know to have a friend writing, I mean he realizes now how much you want letters. Speaking of letters, what is Newt up to? I just want to see some other pics of the lude (Prelude) and hear about all that.

I am glad to hear that work is going well, and that in the middle of all this you found that. Everyone here talks about the crisis, and you would maybe think that that would soften some people’s hearts to where they would listen, ok maybe it does a little, but I can’t really tell. Well things are going really well, and I hope that they keep getting better. We had a really good week, even though it was short, we just had a lot of unpredicted blessings just kind of fall into our hands. We really didn’t even have too much extra time because we were teaching pretty much all the time that we could, we only had to knock like a half of one morning.

Well anyway I am feeling much better this week than the last, I was so wiped out last week, but after a good nap, and a good day of lying around we both felt really good. Well now let’s see what this week has in store.

Quick questions, what was the deal with the memory card??? Did you want me to send you another one? And the $$$ deal with the bank. I’m sure when you look back on the months past you’d see that I was spending a lot more money in December and stuff, but as of this city, I really haven’t spent hardly anything. It’s been really nice; I hope to keep it that way. Just curious.

Ok, well you have a good one!

Take care,

Elder Hanson

March 4, 2009

March 04, 2009


Well thanks for the letter, and the update! Wow all the pics of miller; that was a pretty big deal. That’s cool to see all the people there though. Oh ya, and the Hulka letter was good, but did you know that him and I are writing letters pretty good back and forth? Plus he said his mission pres lets him email friends, so that is cool, so I am keeping up pretty well with what’s happening over there with him.

Things here are good, we are back in the rain again, but oh well, it was nice to have as much sun as we did. Zone Conference was great; I had a fun time, and learned a ton. Also, we got the new name of our next mission president, Richard Clegg...actually I’m not so sure on the first name, I just know it’s a Clegg, and they’re from bountiful, and that he’s a dentist. President DuVall made a joke or two about how he’s a candy man, and now they’re sending a dentist here, I thought it was funny.

Well we helped some investigators move this week, that was awesome, it was like the first time that we did that, and/or real meaningful service. It was sad, one of them is leaving to Italy, but we’ll keep in contact with him, and see how it goes. Otherwise things are doing pretty good. I’m just really tiered today, because it’s been a little while since a p day, and we had to wake up early today to go to some government building to get me legally registered to live here, I don’t like residency that much at all.

Well thanks for everything! I hope that all is well! Take care!

Elder Hanson

March 22, 2009

Well Hello!

Thanks for the mail, and the info about the area and all that has been going on. That is good to hear about Blake, I hope that he gets back on the right track.

That’s funny about the other missionary, because we as missionaries always make jokes about getting those companions, and how it really does have an impact on the work. I mean, we don’t have members here to correct what we might say wrong in the lessons, it is pretty much all on us, so if one of the missionaries is strange, it does take an effect on the work.

Oh yes and another question, what is the number of temples operating in Utah with this Draper Temple dedicated? Just curious. Everyone wants to know that always, so I thought I’d ask.

Well things here aren’t too bad. My comp is due for a change, and we’ll see this week. The work isn’t too bad, we have an investigator who is like a member; she gives us references, and is defending us in lessons. Pretty cool,

I hope we can get some stuff done here. Otherwise the weather is extremely nice, and walking isn’t too bad at all. We’ve had a good time this week; I just really don’t want to have to deal with the weather in the summer with how humid it is here.

Well anyway, I’ll let you know all the action that goes on this week, and if

I get a new comp. Well the other thing is when I get a new comp is usually when I change out the memory cards, so I’ll send you one when that all goes down.

Ok! Have a good week!

Elder Hanson