Tuesday, June 30, 2009

March 9 2009


Well it’s good to hear that all is well, sorry about Shelly, so send her my

Hello’s, (that’s how you say it in Spanish)...sorry.

Me and Hulka are in pretty good contact, and that’s good, you know to have a friend writing, I mean he realizes now how much you want letters. Speaking of letters, what is Newt up to? I just want to see some other pics of the lude (Prelude) and hear about all that.

I am glad to hear that work is going well, and that in the middle of all this you found that. Everyone here talks about the crisis, and you would maybe think that that would soften some people’s hearts to where they would listen, ok maybe it does a little, but I can’t really tell. Well things are going really well, and I hope that they keep getting better. We had a really good week, even though it was short, we just had a lot of unpredicted blessings just kind of fall into our hands. We really didn’t even have too much extra time because we were teaching pretty much all the time that we could, we only had to knock like a half of one morning.

Well anyway I am feeling much better this week than the last, I was so wiped out last week, but after a good nap, and a good day of lying around we both felt really good. Well now let’s see what this week has in store.

Quick questions, what was the deal with the memory card??? Did you want me to send you another one? And the $$$ deal with the bank. I’m sure when you look back on the months past you’d see that I was spending a lot more money in December and stuff, but as of this city, I really haven’t spent hardly anything. It’s been really nice; I hope to keep it that way. Just curious.

Ok, well you have a good one!

Take care,

Elder Hanson

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