Saturday, March 7, 2009

January 26th 2009


Thanks for forwarding the letter, that was great. I keep in pretty good contact with them; they’ve been sending me things pretty often throughout the mission. 

About the long johns, sorry, I felt kind of bad, but after talking with my companion a little more, he said that they do have this mall place a little closer in this new town that I am in. It was really far away in Ferrol, but now in Santiago, it’s a little bigger, so things like that do exist, that was pretty good news to hear. So if you haven’t sent it, I can just take a bus out, no big, sorry I didn’t find out sooner, but when I first talked with him, it sounded like it was a lot further away than it really was. So sorry for that.

But everything here is pretty good, we had our Zone Conference last week, and that late pday, so things went pretty quick as they do on weeks like that. We have been working with pretty much all new people that we have found, just in the time that we have been together, so that is cool for us to see that, but it is tough, because it is a lot of starting over, and figuring out things, and how to do them.

Otherwise, I’d say all is pretty well. Oh wait, I bet if you looked somewhere you could find something on the crazy weather that we’ve had here the last few days. It’s been like 93mph winds and stuff like that, I guess 4 people died around the northern part of the country because of it, and wow it just has been tearing umbrellas apart! But not mine, it was given to me by some elder who was going home, and it is really nice, and withstood most everything. 

Well thanks for everything, have a good week!!!

Love, Elder Hanson

January 18th 2009


Ok so sorry for not getting back to you! It has been a while. Well first of all, I never got that letter from you last week. So that was strange, but then the reason this is late, is because I had zone conference. It was really good; it was nice being in the same zone still even though I moved. I talked a little with president about it, and he said that he usually likes to move to the other side of the mission, but in this case he kept me close, because of the city and because of my companion.

My comp is 2 transfers old, and is awesome. He knew Spanish before the mission, so that helps me a ton. Well because my Spanish is all through living with natives, speaking with people and so on. But his is much more grammatical. I study everyday, but still it’s only for an hour where as I am speaking with people much more of the time. Needless to say, it is a huge blessing to have him as my comp.

Being senior is a different deal. I like it because I can apply all the good stuff that everyone has taught me, but it is just tougher because I have to make the phone calls, and make more decisions and such, so that isn’t the most fun or stress less job, but I think I’ll get used to it.

Anyway, I am in a huge tourist city! It is sweet though; just wait for some of the pics! Which by the way, I still was unsure about the last memory card you sent to me... did you take the pics off of it? Because remember the videos before that? Just wondering. I’ll send home my other one as soon as I can, but I am sort of waiting on a response to this question.

Hey glad to hear about the deal with the leasing business! And that service is up! Have you got a better mechanic in the shop yet? Or what is the plan there?

Hulka didn’t write me, so go give him some crap for me! And tell him thank you for ratting me out in front of the ward.

Have a good week!

Elder Hanson

January 4th 2009


Thanks for the stories, and all that, I will have to print them off, I haven't gotten the chance to lately, it's been a little crazy.

Last week when I got my emails I didn’t get hardly any, and I was ok with

It, I mean I figured that maybe that everyone was just busy, but it turns

out that it was mostly that my mailbox filled up, and didn’t accept any more

Mail! So I started deleting some things, but for the most part I just got

cheated out of a bunch of mail! I mean I got yours, but did like newt send

me anything? Or Hulka? If they didn’t they could just lie and say they did, but I just didn’t get it...

Anyway, so this week I got some more mail, and thanks for it! But oh yes, I have some exciting news...I got transferred! Remember how President told us that we were going to stay together? Well I don’t really know what happened, but on Thursday he called and told me I was going to go to Santiago. It is one of the biggest tourist cities in the mission, and is only an hour away from me! I’ve been there for zone conference, (and there’s a cool picture of me in front of the cathedral?? It’s way cool, there’s a ton of history in the city, you should look some of it up, and the "Camino of Santiago" is the walk of Santiago, that everyone does across Spain, it’s way cool,) but I wasn’t really expecting to go! Well it’s been crazy here trying to get it all together, and go on short notice! 

I sent a little package thing to you, it has a bunch of little papers, and little things that I’ve picked up in the area that I just don’t have much room for, and would just be better if you put it in a closet downstairs or something!

A question, did you leave all those pictures on the memory card for a reason? Or did you not get them? Just curious..

Well that´s about it! I´m really excited to go there, and i´ll tell you all how it is by next week! I´m out of here tomorrow!

Take care, have a good week!

Elder Hanson