Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16, 2009

Yes my package most certainly got here, and I loved it! That was great! Thanks for the sweatshirt and everything! The candy is just about gone, and the pens are pretty well broken in! Thanks for sending it!

The sickness, well sorry about that, but it is here also, you know it has just been around a lot more lately, and everyone seems to be getting it. But I hope that nobody else gets anything alright!

I would love to get some pictures in the mail, because with email, yes obviously I have to delete them because they take up too much space. Sorry!

Yes things look very good for the baptism. It is a "spoon feed" from a less active member, who came back and is now wanting to help share the gospel with his girlfriend! It’s awesome! The lessons are way easy, she never has any problems, and is always ready for us, and the member tells her everything that she doesn’t know, and explains everything before and after the visit! I love that! It’ll be really good for the branch to have another couple here, I am excited.

Everything else seems to be going fairly well too, all that with the rest of the investigators that we have, and all the rest of the work is getting better, pretty normal.

But that’s about it! Have a great week!

Take care!

Elder Hanson

Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 09, 2009

So nice to hear from you, thanks for the mail. I finally heard from Newt this week too, so that was nice.

Things this week went pretty well too, you know we had a lot of people in church, and we were teaching quite a bit the past week. We are looking at baptism this month too! It was this less active guy’s's a long story, but we’ve been working with him for a while, and now it looks like we are going to bring in some more! We are all really excited.

We have been very blessed this week in general, and it is such a motivation
to keep it all going. We’ll have to see what the next week brings!

Rain is here, and is going strong...everyday, but my shoes that you sent me keep me pretty dry! But yesterday I wore my old ones because I thought I’d be alright...I was mistaken. Oh well, we learn through experience I guess.

This week we’ve got a Zone Conference with Elder Causé from the 70, so it
should be a very good experience, I am excited to learn, and ask questions,
and improve things here.

I don't miss the leaves! But I am glad that someone can help! Newt is pretty busy, and all that, but I am glad to hear that Morgan can help out!

Anyway that’s about it! Take care,

Have a good week,


Elder Hanson

November 02, 2009

Well Hello!

The week went really well! Thanks for the email; I was kind of worried about all that was going on there for a little bit. But I guess that little laptop had to go sometime eh?

I haven’t heard a thing from Newt, but I guess he’s probably a bit busy with all the mission stuff, so you know I understand. The thing is that I wrote him a letter not too long ago, I just don’t know if he got it.

The week went fast, we picked up this new elder who is living with us, he’s from Spain, and his English is pretty bad, so we have been speaking a lot of
Spanish all the time in the apartment. I have been really liking it you know, it is a good experience to get to see how much easier it is to express yourself throughout the mission. I have a really good time talking with him, and I am really glad that I am here in the city with him.

We got to go to a big Halloween party on Friday, and I dressed up like a Scot, with the kilt and all. It was pretty hilarious; I have photos, don’t worry. Then we went and watched a baptismal service Saturday night. It was pretty awesome, we had some investigators there, and they are looking very well. We set some goals with them to get baptized by January. I am sure that it will be great.

Church was really good too, we had a lot of new people there, and we had a good time. Today is going to be a bit slow because of the holiday; it is one of the biggest in Spain, the saints day. But it is good to have a relaxed p-day every once in a while.

But that is really great that the ward had such a big fast for the work. I know that the blessings were with us last night. I had the best lesson that
I have ever had on my mission. I know that it wasn’t just us in there, but that the prayers and faith of the members of the church help the work in all aspects.

Well I could actually see Shelly’s pics. this week! And they were really good! But the only thing was that the church put out some disclaimer right on my email saying that I should be careful with the email....I don’t know why, but whatever it opened!

I hope all is well in the family and at work too!

Have a great week!

Elder Hanson

October 12, 2009

How goes it?

Well I heard from Branson that Brandon got married! That’s good for him, did you go down to it and see the wedding at all? I would like to congratulate him, but I have no mail or email of Brandon’s...

Anyway, conference was great! But of course we didn’t see Holland’s talk, we only saw up to Sunday morning. But I thought the best talk out of all conference was M Russell Ballard’s talk about the father and sons. I love Ballard in the first place, I mean a car guy, and writes pretty solid books, and then I just like the way that he talks, I really enjoyed the talk from him.

But I don’t hear much from Newt. I sent him a letter a few weeks ago, but I never got anything back...but I hope all is well. I wonder about his papers, how are they going? Is he looking close to done or what?

This week went fairly well, we taught a Jewish guy from Israel. It was one of the coolest lessons I have ever had in my mission. He is way cool; he did his time in the military, and now is here living in Spain. He speaks perfect English, and is believing, but not that practicing of his religion. The Book of Mormon will have to be what changes his heart, and we have shared it with him, and he is excited to read. We’ll see how it goes this week. Otherwise things are normal here, the numbers are growing more and more at church on Sunday, it is incredible. I have never seen something like this.

Anyway, I am looking at possibly moving at the end of October, just to let you case you were going to send that memory card, but we’ll have to wait there too.

That’s about it for now! Have a great week all right!

Love you,

Elder Hanson

September 28, 2009


That is good that you don’t have to do too much to the boat to get it running or anything, just some stripes, that’s not too bad at all. About the civic, that’s too bad, I just am curious about the door panels themselves, or the steering wheel? Mine was growing pretty big you know, so that’s why I ask. Besides, what do you think you are going to do with the rest of the car? Junk it, or have newt steal parts off of it?

That’s fun about Powell, I’m glad you had a good time; it seems like a later run? I mean we are almost to October, but sometimes the late ones are good!

We are pretty excited for conference too, we are going up to Gijón, they have a standing chapel there, and we are going to watch everything there, it should be pretty nice! I am excited for the conference, as well as just excited for the investigators that will come too. We have been telling everyone about it, and it looks to be pretty good.

Newt emailed me; he seems to be all right, you know, happy to get his cash for his bike and all that mess, but pretty good. His accord sounds like a nice big Junker, but he seems to be happy.

Any news on Branson’s rig? Have you been assembling that thing up at all? Is he just putting in all new stuff, or cleaning everything well, or what? I  mean how show worthy is he making this thing?

Alright, well not too much new here, we had Zone Conference, and it was a good one! Things are still different with the new mission president, but I like them.

Take care; have a good time watching conference. I watch Saturday and Sunday morning sessions live with you, so remember that! It’s just that they go from 6 to 8 at night.

Have a good one!

Love you,

Elder Hanson

September 14, 2009


Well the week went all right, a bit hectic, but that’s pretty normal around here. Sorry about last p-day, we had a lot of stuff happen, and I was sort of all mixed up when I came to do email, and we were in a rush to get across town, so I didn’t do much as far as what I usually do on p-days, but I did get a letter out to Morgan, so don’t worry about that!

But things here are pretty good; we just are working normal and so on, I will be honest I got a little sick this week, that wasn’t too fun, but it’s gone by now. It’s just funny when you are sick, because everyone thinks that it’s the swine flu.

Anyway wow that’s nuts about Newt getting his papers in and all that stuff, he’s getting on that train pretty quick! I hope that he gets out of there soon, nice and close to his birthday, instead of halfway through the semester.

But do you know what mission J Gates is in? If it is in the Santo Domingo or another mission in the D.R.? I run into Dominicans all the time, and they are like the nicest people ever, I think he’ll enjoy that place, but I just thought I’d send a letter or something, and see how he was doing.

All is well! I am glad to hear that things are well at home too!

Take care,

Have a great week,

love you,

Elder Hanson

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Thanks for the mail, I was very happy to get some this week eh! But wow the dogs seem to be pretty busy, and the same with the rest of the life!

First of all, thank you so much for the package!!! It was great, and yes I am very grateful, and indeed wear the new shoes now, but I am going to try and save as much as I can for the rain, I’ll wear the old shoes the dry days, and then the news in the rain to try and keep them in good shape!
Thanks so much for doing that, and with the hurry and everything, it is appreciated!

Sorry about the small priests quorum, but it’s funny to think about separated priesthood, I haven’t ever seen that here, we just have the class and hope for 5 members.

So do you keep in touch with Easter? Or who does? That does seem pretty good, and pretty exciting. The church is pretty big in France; they just can’t build a temple due to government laws, that’s why one got put on the fast track here in Spain. Their membership is much higher than ours, but they are limited. We had dinner this week with a lady who served her mission in France, and she told me a lot, I feel like I know much more now than before.

Anyway, I will for sure get a letter out to Morgan, and things should be alright!

Well I am quite tired, we just got back from a several hour hike to the top of this cool mountain, and we took lots of pictures, and just had a lot of fun.

Things have been improving, we found some pretty cool people this week, and we filled the church right up! We had to pull in chairs from the classrooms because we filled up all the chairs in the chapel! It was a blast, I do love going to church, even if it is stressful, and I still feel good after.

Anyway that’s about it, I’ve got to run, but have a good week!

Thanks for everything!

Take care,

Love you,

Elder Hanson