Sunday, November 15, 2009

September 28, 2009


That is good that you don’t have to do too much to the boat to get it running or anything, just some stripes, that’s not too bad at all. About the civic, that’s too bad, I just am curious about the door panels themselves, or the steering wheel? Mine was growing pretty big you know, so that’s why I ask. Besides, what do you think you are going to do with the rest of the car? Junk it, or have newt steal parts off of it?

That’s fun about Powell, I’m glad you had a good time; it seems like a later run? I mean we are almost to October, but sometimes the late ones are good!

We are pretty excited for conference too, we are going up to Gijón, they have a standing chapel there, and we are going to watch everything there, it should be pretty nice! I am excited for the conference, as well as just excited for the investigators that will come too. We have been telling everyone about it, and it looks to be pretty good.

Newt emailed me; he seems to be all right, you know, happy to get his cash for his bike and all that mess, but pretty good. His accord sounds like a nice big Junker, but he seems to be happy.

Any news on Branson’s rig? Have you been assembling that thing up at all? Is he just putting in all new stuff, or cleaning everything well, or what? I  mean how show worthy is he making this thing?

Alright, well not too much new here, we had Zone Conference, and it was a good one! Things are still different with the new mission president, but I like them.

Take care; have a good time watching conference. I watch Saturday and Sunday morning sessions live with you, so remember that! It’s just that they go from 6 to 8 at night.

Have a good one!

Love you,

Elder Hanson

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