Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 02, 2009

Well Hello!

The week went really well! Thanks for the email; I was kind of worried about all that was going on there for a little bit. But I guess that little laptop had to go sometime eh?

I haven’t heard a thing from Newt, but I guess he’s probably a bit busy with all the mission stuff, so you know I understand. The thing is that I wrote him a letter not too long ago, I just don’t know if he got it.

The week went fast, we picked up this new elder who is living with us, he’s from Spain, and his English is pretty bad, so we have been speaking a lot of
Spanish all the time in the apartment. I have been really liking it you know, it is a good experience to get to see how much easier it is to express yourself throughout the mission. I have a really good time talking with him, and I am really glad that I am here in the city with him.

We got to go to a big Halloween party on Friday, and I dressed up like a Scot, with the kilt and all. It was pretty hilarious; I have photos, don’t worry. Then we went and watched a baptismal service Saturday night. It was pretty awesome, we had some investigators there, and they are looking very well. We set some goals with them to get baptized by January. I am sure that it will be great.

Church was really good too, we had a lot of new people there, and we had a good time. Today is going to be a bit slow because of the holiday; it is one of the biggest in Spain, the saints day. But it is good to have a relaxed p-day every once in a while.

But that is really great that the ward had such a big fast for the work. I know that the blessings were with us last night. I had the best lesson that
I have ever had on my mission. I know that it wasn’t just us in there, but that the prayers and faith of the members of the church help the work in all aspects.

Well I could actually see Shelly’s pics. this week! And they were really good! But the only thing was that the church put out some disclaimer right on my email saying that I should be careful with the email....I don’t know why, but whatever it opened!

I hope all is well in the family and at work too!

Have a great week!

Elder Hanson

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