Sunday, November 15, 2009

September 14, 2009


Well the week went all right, a bit hectic, but that’s pretty normal around here. Sorry about last p-day, we had a lot of stuff happen, and I was sort of all mixed up when I came to do email, and we were in a rush to get across town, so I didn’t do much as far as what I usually do on p-days, but I did get a letter out to Morgan, so don’t worry about that!

But things here are pretty good; we just are working normal and so on, I will be honest I got a little sick this week, that wasn’t too fun, but it’s gone by now. It’s just funny when you are sick, because everyone thinks that it’s the swine flu.

Anyway wow that’s nuts about Newt getting his papers in and all that stuff, he’s getting on that train pretty quick! I hope that he gets out of there soon, nice and close to his birthday, instead of halfway through the semester.

But do you know what mission J Gates is in? If it is in the Santo Domingo or another mission in the D.R.? I run into Dominicans all the time, and they are like the nicest people ever, I think he’ll enjoy that place, but I just thought I’d send a letter or something, and see how he was doing.

All is well! I am glad to hear that things are well at home too!

Take care,

Have a great week,

love you,

Elder Hanson

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