Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16, 2009

Yes my package most certainly got here, and I loved it! That was great! Thanks for the sweatshirt and everything! The candy is just about gone, and the pens are pretty well broken in! Thanks for sending it!

The sickness, well sorry about that, but it is here also, you know it has just been around a lot more lately, and everyone seems to be getting it. But I hope that nobody else gets anything alright!

I would love to get some pictures in the mail, because with email, yes obviously I have to delete them because they take up too much space. Sorry!

Yes things look very good for the baptism. It is a "spoon feed" from a less active member, who came back and is now wanting to help share the gospel with his girlfriend! It’s awesome! The lessons are way easy, she never has any problems, and is always ready for us, and the member tells her everything that she doesn’t know, and explains everything before and after the visit! I love that! It’ll be really good for the branch to have another couple here, I am excited.

Everything else seems to be going fairly well too, all that with the rest of the investigators that we have, and all the rest of the work is getting better, pretty normal.

But that’s about it! Have a great week!

Take care!

Elder Hanson

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