Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Thanks for the mail, I was very happy to get some this week eh! But wow the dogs seem to be pretty busy, and the same with the rest of the life!

First of all, thank you so much for the package!!! It was great, and yes I am very grateful, and indeed wear the new shoes now, but I am going to try and save as much as I can for the rain, I’ll wear the old shoes the dry days, and then the news in the rain to try and keep them in good shape!
Thanks so much for doing that, and with the hurry and everything, it is appreciated!

Sorry about the small priests quorum, but it’s funny to think about separated priesthood, I haven’t ever seen that here, we just have the class and hope for 5 members.

So do you keep in touch with Easter? Or who does? That does seem pretty good, and pretty exciting. The church is pretty big in France; they just can’t build a temple due to government laws, that’s why one got put on the fast track here in Spain. Their membership is much higher than ours, but they are limited. We had dinner this week with a lady who served her mission in France, and she told me a lot, I feel like I know much more now than before.

Anyway, I will for sure get a letter out to Morgan, and things should be alright!

Well I am quite tired, we just got back from a several hour hike to the top of this cool mountain, and we took lots of pictures, and just had a lot of fun.

Things have been improving, we found some pretty cool people this week, and we filled the church right up! We had to pull in chairs from the classrooms because we filled up all the chairs in the chapel! It was a blast, I do love going to church, even if it is stressful, and I still feel good after.

Anyway that’s about it, I’ve got to run, but have a good week!

Thanks for everything!

Take care,

Love you,

Elder Hanson

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