Sunday, September 6, 2009

August 24, 2009


Well well well, I am surprised to see how fast you got that letter! But yes the shoes here are junk! Both of them! But what did Mr. Mac say? Did they give you any problems? I do wear a 44. I was surprised to see the email, and that you had already got them and all; I mean that is really impressive, thanks for doing that so quickly!

Wow the dog sounds fun, and that looks pretty normal for a pup! Does he get along with the cat?

Yes, well being a trainer, it’s got its challenges, but overall I got lucky, and my greenie is really cool, and we get along quite well. I think the thing that I am working on now is showing him how to have a good time while working really hard. There never was any rule that said that you can’t have a good time out on your mission, so I am trying to let him have that. It is something that I didn’t really have with my trainer, when we did work, it wasn’t fun, and when we did have a fun time, we didn’t work, but I’ve

Figured out that you don’t have to have it like that, and I am trying to share it with my companion.

The branch over here is doing pretty well, we had a good day yesterday in church, we had lots of people, and we all ate in the church right after it was over. It is really good for the bonding of the branch, and for us too.

I have only been here a transfer and a half, but it is by far my favorite branch. The president and his wife are the two most giving people I have ever met, they are incredible. The president is a convert of like 5 years too!

It’s quite the example for us all.

How’s work? Anything new? Any news from Branson’s rig or anything? I haven’t heard much from him lately....

Anyway that’s about it!

Have a great week, thanks for the mail,

Take care,

Love you,

Elder Hanson

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