Saturday, March 7, 2009

January 4th 2009


Thanks for the stories, and all that, I will have to print them off, I haven't gotten the chance to lately, it's been a little crazy.

Last week when I got my emails I didn’t get hardly any, and I was ok with

It, I mean I figured that maybe that everyone was just busy, but it turns

out that it was mostly that my mailbox filled up, and didn’t accept any more

Mail! So I started deleting some things, but for the most part I just got

cheated out of a bunch of mail! I mean I got yours, but did like newt send

me anything? Or Hulka? If they didn’t they could just lie and say they did, but I just didn’t get it...

Anyway, so this week I got some more mail, and thanks for it! But oh yes, I have some exciting news...I got transferred! Remember how President told us that we were going to stay together? Well I don’t really know what happened, but on Thursday he called and told me I was going to go to Santiago. It is one of the biggest tourist cities in the mission, and is only an hour away from me! I’ve been there for zone conference, (and there’s a cool picture of me in front of the cathedral?? It’s way cool, there’s a ton of history in the city, you should look some of it up, and the "Camino of Santiago" is the walk of Santiago, that everyone does across Spain, it’s way cool,) but I wasn’t really expecting to go! Well it’s been crazy here trying to get it all together, and go on short notice! 

I sent a little package thing to you, it has a bunch of little papers, and little things that I’ve picked up in the area that I just don’t have much room for, and would just be better if you put it in a closet downstairs or something!

A question, did you leave all those pictures on the memory card for a reason? Or did you not get them? Just curious..

Well that´s about it! I´m really excited to go there, and i´ll tell you all how it is by next week! I´m out of here tomorrow!

Take care, have a good week!

Elder Hanson

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