Friday, January 2, 2009

December 28th 2008


First of all, Thanks for the package!!! It was great, it came on Saturday, and it was fantastic! Wow all full of candy and all that, and my pants and tie! Thanks! And the list of people too, that was a good call!

Thanks for the birthday wishes and all that, and also for the pics! Tell Shelly thanks! I had to delete them right away, I’m all out of room, so I didn’t get a chance to reply...sorry.

Oh before I forget, I sent Nancy that letter with my return address of the mission home, just so that in case she sent a letter a little later, I wouldn’t have to worry that it went to ferrol, and I could just have it go straight to the home. Nothing big, but I can see where she’d worry.

Wow thanks for the stories about the mission, that’s funny that you said its like groundhog’s day; we make that joke all the time. And interestingly enough the days are relatively the same! We do a lot of knocking, when we can, but at some times we can’t. But the nice thing is here in Europe there are a lot more people on the streets, making it a lot easier to contact there. We had some good success this week; actually we probably had one of the best days of contacting we’ve had here in Ferrol the day after the phone call.

But the thing about not carrying a backpack was interesting, what did you carry your scriptures in? And the a/c, well we don’t have any, so I know what that is like!

That was a good phone call! Hulka was the cherry on top! I wasn’t expecting that at all! I am glad that he was there though, good preparation. Ya interesting news about mother, I mean I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming, but it is always sad to hear that. But things will move on I guess....I hope.

Oh and the time thing, well it was just my fault for not wanting to kick you off, I guess I should have been a better example, I actually wrote in my weekly president’s letter a little bit about how I went over, and that I’m trying to repent of it! So this is part of my restitution, I was bad, sorry, the next time we’ll just hit the 40 min, no big deal. But I’ll tell you what, the idea with speaker phone is way better than passing it! My comp did that, and wow did it take a long time, plus he just had to explain the same thing over and over again! How lame!

Well the news stories were really great, i'll have to print them off, and give them all a good reading! 

Otherwise, we’re off to a big tourist site today, it’s the oldest functioning lighthouse in the world I guess, so ill get some good pictures!

Thanks for sending the card back! 

The IRS stuff…can I mail it from here? And the same with the Republican Party stuff?

Well, take care, have a good week!

Thanks for everything!

Elder Hanson

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