Friday, January 2, 2009

December 7th 2008

Wow those pics were...nice I guess, but yes thanks for the email. Sorry You’re having back issues, what is it from? Painting all that stuff? 

I didn’t hear anything about Glenn Beck? What happened?

This week was pretty normal; we had a few good lessons, but nothing really too new. Today is my month mark of 8 months! I was pretty excited, it’s 6 months in the mission field, and I feel a little strange. When I was back in Logoño, I had an interview with president, and I mentioned that I just didn’t feel that confident in many things, and that I was struggling a little bit, but he told me to give it some time, usually about 6 months in the field, 8 months, and you should be feeling better about things. And I’d have to agree with him, he was right, I do just feel a lot better, like that this isn’t so bad, and that I think with some more time I’ll be able to pick up the language, and pick up all the lessons, and do this, it is a strange feeling.

Also, in case you didn’t notice the late news, I had zone conference yesterday, and it was the Christmas one, and was very good, I loved it. We talked about a bunch of stuff, and just made us really be grateful for our missions and being out here.

Which brings me to Christmas calls...we only get 40 min to call total, then when I split it between you and mom that’s going to bring us to a 20 min phone call. I don’t know when you want to do that? We can do it Christmas day if you’d like, but if you want to do it any other day, it’s all good, we can. You’ll have to call me, like before, and ill give you all that info in the next email.

Otherwise, all is pretty good here. Glad things are good there!

Have a good week!

Elder Hanson

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