Friday, January 2, 2009

December 15th 2008


Glad to hear that things are going well, sorry about the storm, but it’s been pretty rough here too if it makes you feel any better. I don’t miss plowing the lot or anything like that, but sometimes I’d take the dry cold over the humid wet one. 

Crazy to hear about Rob Aird, I think there’s got to be some temples in England and in Switzerland too? But ya the Madrid one is one of the biggest, and nicest to go for a longer amount of time, and stay in their little apartment thing they have, it’s practically free, and you can stay there pretty much as long as you would like.

The Christmas day phone call. Ok well here’s the deal. You have to call me, and I’ll get the number to you next week, but I think the best time for you to call me would be around 6 at night for me; that’s 10 in the morning right? If that won’t work just tell me, and we’ll work in accordingly, but my companion is going to call about 8 or 9 at night, so I’m on for the earlier call, or the next day, whatever you want. The other thing is I have to relay this message to mom, so she isn’t emailing me right now, I don’t know why, but we just write letters, and that is just fine with me, it’s a good way to communicate and all, but the one problem is this phone call. So if you would tell Newt (NATE) to talk to her and have her tell him what is the best time for her, I’ll send her an email too, and next week with my phone number, but he’s got to do this, and then email me. If he doesn’t I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen, but I don’t want her calling President or anything. But I figure you’ll just call at 6, and we’ll talk, and we’ll divide the time into 3rds and then we’ll hang up and I’ll have mom call, or maybe the next day, or earlier, or whatever, not too big of a deal. I just need to know if that’s all going to work out for you, or if you want to do it any other day, because President said that we could do it any day that we would want, before Christmas, or that whole week, whatever is best for you. 

Also the Michael Sanders updates are sounding better,

The glen beck thing is cool, I’m glad to see he’s still doing well, that’s funny he went to Fox, but is all that other stuff on fox still?  Hannedy and colms, and stuff? I liked him on CNN, but you know, if he did it he probably had good reason to do it and such.

That’s funny that the missionaries teach priesthood, I never have taught that, but I’ve given my fair share of other 2nd hour lessons, and talks and all that, but one big difference, they were in another language. But last week was the 6 month in the mission field mark and all that, and I’d have to say that things are improving, a lot. The language, and lessons, and studies, and just about everything is going really well. I’m glad I’ve got through those times of greenie, and now I’m moving on, because whatever happens now, at least I’m not in those first stages again.

I’m excited for Christmas, we should have a good one, I hope it doesn’t rain or something, because it rains every day here, no joke, every day. Me being from Utah, I can’t stand it, but I’m getting more used to it, but my companion who is from Washington, he likes it, but that’s my Christmas wish, is to not have rain for a day.

Things are going really well, but our investigator that was gold, just moved to Madrid. He’ll get baptized for sure, but whatever, I would have liked to help out the ward here a little bit, but otherwise it’s all the same church.

Well I hope that all goes well with Christmas! Thanks for the mail, and the updates! Take care!

Elder Hanson

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