Saturday, March 7, 2009

January 26th 2009


Thanks for forwarding the letter, that was great. I keep in pretty good contact with them; they’ve been sending me things pretty often throughout the mission. 

About the long johns, sorry, I felt kind of bad, but after talking with my companion a little more, he said that they do have this mall place a little closer in this new town that I am in. It was really far away in Ferrol, but now in Santiago, it’s a little bigger, so things like that do exist, that was pretty good news to hear. So if you haven’t sent it, I can just take a bus out, no big, sorry I didn’t find out sooner, but when I first talked with him, it sounded like it was a lot further away than it really was. So sorry for that.

But everything here is pretty good, we had our Zone Conference last week, and that late pday, so things went pretty quick as they do on weeks like that. We have been working with pretty much all new people that we have found, just in the time that we have been together, so that is cool for us to see that, but it is tough, because it is a lot of starting over, and figuring out things, and how to do them.

Otherwise, I’d say all is pretty well. Oh wait, I bet if you looked somewhere you could find something on the crazy weather that we’ve had here the last few days. It’s been like 93mph winds and stuff like that, I guess 4 people died around the northern part of the country because of it, and wow it just has been tearing umbrellas apart! But not mine, it was given to me by some elder who was going home, and it is really nice, and withstood most everything. 

Well thanks for everything, have a good week!!!

Love, Elder Hanson

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