Friday, April 3, 2009

February 1st 2009


Ya, well all is well here in Santiago, it is a way cool city, but first thing, I got every other package that everyone sent me, I just didn’t get Grandma and Grandpa’s. I just figured that it was in Ferrol right now, and I’d have to just get it at Zone Conference. But besides that, all is well.

This city is pretty sweet, and is really busy too. It is a huge tourist city, like I said before, but I really like it. My comp is from California, and studied Spanish a lot before the mission, so that helps me a lot. He knows all the grammar rules, so he is helping me get some of them down, and it is just a really nice blessing to have him as my first junior comp. We have been doing really well lately. Probably better than I have ever done on the mission, we didn’t have too much going on when we first got here, but we’ve been knocking our brains out, and the nice thing is that it has been working.

Knocking here has got to be much better than most knocking in the states, because everyone just lives in like apartment complexes, and when you can get into the building, you can knock a 7 story building with 4 doors on each floor, and contact a lot of people in a very short amount of time. So after doing that for a while, you can usually find a decent amount of people! So that’s what we have been doing; a lot of first lessons, and hope to move on. Obviously it is tough to say that everyone new that we find will be good investigators, so we have been getting through that too.

Well the branch here is really small. Like 20 people in church every Sunday. They are really nice and great members, but it is just hard when there are so few. We would really like to help the branch out and find some new people.

So Dave is working at the CU?! (CU Auto Sales) That’s great, what made him want to leave? I thought that Jeff would have wanted to leave before Dave. That’s nice on the lease returns, what condition are they in? Or like how old are the cars?

Otherwise ya, that’s all for this week, I’ll fill you in on anything else you ever want to know. Just ask!

Have a good week!

Elder Hanson

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