Friday, April 3, 2009

February 8th 2009

Hey Dad,

Hey, first of all the memory card is bad, but don’t even worry, because memory cards are way cheap, so if you need me to buy one, I can, but get this, I have bought an 8 gig flash drive that I have been backing everything up on, so I’ll just send all the pics with the next one! I kind of figured that one of these times it would get stolen, or damaged, or you know, just get ¨lost in the mail¨ so just tell me what you want to do, the memory cards here are like seriously 5 euro for a 4 gig card, not a big deal at all!

But hey, that pic of newt was hilarious, oh man, that looked like a fun car,

was it? But wow, that lease deal seems pretty sweet! And you getting your state and I/M??? How hard is that to do? I would think that isn’t too hard, but wow I just didn’t know that you were going to get it!

Well here, things are pretty normal, we have been just finding new people all the time, because we don’t really have anyone that wants to progress, so we are just looking for some. We found some cool people that speak English, and we had our lessons in English, and wow how EASY that was, I almost didn’t know what to do! I had so many options of what to say, and express myself, I loved it. We are pretty blessed to have been finding as many people as we have been.

We had a priesthood meeting for the district (the eventual stake) and a bunch of members came down from Ferrol, and that was way nice to see all of them again, the old branch president and I talked for a while, and it was just good to see them all. I guess that’s an advantage to not moving far away.

Well that’s about it! I’ve been trying to get some more pictures taken, because I hardly have any here in Santiago, (I don’t know why, maybe it’s because it rains everyday, or we actually work all day???) But I’ve been trying to think of some to get to send home!

Thanks for the mail! Have a good week too!!!

Elder Hanson

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