Friday, April 3, 2009

February 15th 2009


Alright, that’s good that you’ve heard from Hulka, because I have too. He sent me a letter, and I got it the other day. I made sure to get one to him his first few days in the MTC, joking about everything and so on. He sounds like he’s having a good time. Ya a good comp for the MTC, because you need one, otherwise that place could be a nightmare. He said that he’s happy he’s taking off because they get along too well, and don’t get too much done...but you know it’s only the first 3 weeks. 

And about the letters to all the grandparents, yes, I am in contact with most everybody pretty regularly, but grandma and Grandpa Hanson are more by email, what is their land address? I’d like to have it; I mean I sent mail to everyone else, but not to them. And yes, grandma and grandpa lance have been good on keeping me updated, they sent me my first letter that I ever got here in Santiago, and it was just letting me know all that was going on.

That’s awesome about Barny! I didn’t even know that! How long ago was that?

When I was there it seemed like the members had all been around for a long time, and had served missions, and all that so I would be interested to see when Barny was there. 

That’s awesome about work! I just hope the shop says alive too, and with the detailers and all that, are you going to have to hire new ones once Newt takes off??

But this week here has been really great. The weather finally has let up, and for the first time since I have been here I didn’t use my umbrella! It started from last Tuesday, and I haven’t used it since, otherwise everyday before then I had to use it, every blasted day. Well so that was a nice addition to the week. But then we had really good success knocking, like we got let in to doors. Because usually we just make a return appointment, and come back, but we were super blessed, and just got in 2 times this week. 

And also we found some other new girl. She came to a lesson with another investigator, and was pretty cool. She’s from Brazil, but her mom’s Argentinean so she speaks perfect Spanish, and then she learned English somewhere, and we just talk with her in English. Well it just so happened that we taught the 1st lesson with the investigators, and then we scheduled a lesson with her the next day. We gave her a Book of Mormon, and she came to church yesterday! Usually doing all this stuff takes a few weeks at least, finding, teaching the first lesson, and then convincing people to get up Sunday morning to walk to a random building...Oh ya, and when she got to church she said that she had already read 5 chapters in the Book of Mormon, and that she would like to read more, on her trip to Denmark (she’s leaving today for 3 weeks) but she didn’t want to take the Book of Mormon because she never paid for it! We had to tell her several times that it was free, and not to worry about it! It was awesome. She’s way too smart, she was a lawyer in Brazil, and now she’s studying something to get her PhD. Anyway, we’ve got to wait for 3 weeks, but hey, she seems really good, probably the best investigator that I’ve ever found personally.

Things are just going very well, and I’m happy to be here!

I’ll get something out to Beth today, for sure.

Have a good one,

Elder Hanson 

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