Friday, April 3, 2009

February 16th 2009 (For Shelly) Yey! an actual letter just for me.


Well I’m glad that you are doing so well, and that my handwriting was better and you could read all of it! I have tried to work on the handwriting, but I didn’t pay much attention to it in that letter, so I am glad that you could still read it. Plus that paper that it’s written on is pretty cool huh?

So, about that cooking show, that’s awesome that you get to see that. Actually yesterday I was thinking about how I am now in a branch with some really good cooks, and we’ve been eating better here than in any other city I’ve ever been in. We go to a member’s house generally every Sunday, and they are from here in Galicia, from Santiago, and they cook really well, and native like. In fact, yesterday we had this pig leg stuff. To be quite honest it grossed me out because we had to eat the meat (which tasted ok) then if you had some bones, or hoof things, or the pads on the bottom of the pig feet, you would just pull them out of your mouth, and put them in the bowl. Well that was yesterday, but lately we’ve just had some really good dishes, and soup, I am going to start writing some of this stuff down, but it is so good! The Spanish tortillas are my personal favorite, they are big, and I really don’t even know what they are, all I know is that when they are on the table they’re gone really quickly!

So that cooking show...where is the guy from in Galicia??? You know I’ve been here for the most part of my mission, Ferrol is in Galicia, and now Santiago is actually the capital of Galicia. (Oh yes, and I do say it like Galithia....welcome to Spain) But the only tough thing about being here is that they have their own language, and the street signs are written in it, and most official documents and everything are written in it, and everyone learns to speak it in school. Well we have picked up some of it, but it’s basically a dialect of Spanish (although they’ll never admit that, they’ll tell you it’s original until the world ends!) 

well anyways, I thought you would like that little schpeal on Galicia, after all I’ve been here for about 6 months, and  I’ve got probably another 5 here! So I figured that I’d let you know that I love this place!

Well take care, thanks for the mail! Have a good one!

Elder Hanson

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