Friday, April 3, 2009

February 22nd 2009


Well yes things are very good here in good old Santiago. I actually am loving it here, and yes we have been very blessed with the work lately. Actually we had dinner with an investigating couple yesterday, the guy came to church, had a billion and a half questions, and then we went to their house right after, (she had some work thing). It was really great. The only thing is that he’s maybe moving back to Italy, (he’s Italian, but has lived here for a long time, and speaks perfect Spanish, and not to mention English) so we are sad for that, but it was way cool to talk with them. Mainly it’s just been the change. I don’t know how much I’ve told you of the story with them, but it was just a normal contact on the street, late at night, like 9 or so, and we talked for a little, he said that he wasn’t interested, and that he had studied the catholic religion for 13 years, and that he knew a lot, but hated religion, and didn’t believe in God. So we somehow got them to meet with us in the chapel, and so the next week we did, and they came, and all we talked about was prayer the entire time. That went very well, and he had been praying until the next visit, and was much happier, and extremely different. Well then with the visits on from there, it has just been better and better. He has tons of questions, and is reading a decent amount of the Book of Mormon. Well now, they are both very nice to us, want to learn more, and are having us over for dinner on a Sunday night! Not too bad! It’s been such a great experience, I can’t wait too keep teaching them.

Otherwise, nothing too out of the ordinary, just knocking a lot of doors, and talking to a lot of people. It is getting better all the time. 

But hey, it sounds like that business thing is going good, but that seems tough when you’ve got to deal with papers and all that.

Oh yes, another quick question before I forget, did you ever look at the money thing? The credit card from sears, or the exchange rate thing? I just am curious, not a big deal, but you know, just curious...

LHM died, that is big news. And kelvyn is ward mission leader? That’s pretty cool, but how do the full time missionaries even work there? Like they come once every few months or something, if that! Things are a bit different. I remembered that we used to have 10 people pass the sacrament....and 12 on other days. With our 1 person here, I forget what it was like.

Anyway, I sent Beth a letter the other day, and same with Hulka, so hopefully I’ll get something back!

Thanks for everything, take care.


Elder Hanson

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