Tuesday, June 30, 2009

March 4, 2009

March 04, 2009


Well thanks for the letter, and the update! Wow all the pics of miller; that was a pretty big deal. That’s cool to see all the people there though. Oh ya, and the Hulka letter was good, but did you know that him and I are writing letters pretty good back and forth? Plus he said his mission pres lets him email friends, so that is cool, so I am keeping up pretty well with what’s happening over there with him.

Things here are good, we are back in the rain again, but oh well, it was nice to have as much sun as we did. Zone Conference was great; I had a fun time, and learned a ton. Also, we got the new name of our next mission president, Richard Clegg...actually I’m not so sure on the first name, I just know it’s a Clegg, and they’re from bountiful, and that he’s a dentist. President DuVall made a joke or two about how he’s a candy man, and now they’re sending a dentist here, I thought it was funny.

Well we helped some investigators move this week, that was awesome, it was like the first time that we did that, and/or real meaningful service. It was sad, one of them is leaving to Italy, but we’ll keep in contact with him, and see how it goes. Otherwise things are doing pretty good. I’m just really tiered today, because it’s been a little while since a p day, and we had to wake up early today to go to some government building to get me legally registered to live here, I don’t like residency that much at all.

Well thanks for everything! I hope that all is well! Take care!

Elder Hanson

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