Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 20th 2009

Holy Cow Dad!

Well that is good that everything is going alright on the project, but why did newt want to change the color? I liked the white! But, that should be cool to have all the things put all back together, it seems like a nice rig.

So how about the trips and all that? How were those? I haven’t been getting too many mails from anyone, and I’m just guessing that everyone is just on vacation!

So the city is pretty awesome, I do like the big park, we live right there next to it, and then we have the rest of the city that is really nice too.
The thing I like about this place is how clean it is, I mean Google maps doesn’t really show that, but it is awesome here, it is known to win the cleanest city in Spain award every year. You can’t take your trash out until like 9 pm, and they are just good on keeping everything else up too.

Besides that, the branch is good, everyone is a recent convert, over half of the branch was baptized within the last 5 years, but they are all really cool, and they like the missionaries, so that’s a plus.

The new mission president is way cool. We had our interviews the other day, and they went well, his wife is sisters with the Chappels, and so that was a nice ice breaker for the conversation, and otherwise they seem great. We have our first Zone Conference with them tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes too.

Everything else is alright, and normal, it’s humid here, and we sweat all day, but you get used to it I guess. We had a wedding the other day, but we had to set up and serve everyone, but we did eat too, so it was alright.

But besides that, the rex (Nate’s Car) seems like a project and a half! Man, you’ve got to send me some pics of something! I think that would be pretty fun for Newt, I hope everything else goes alright.

Well, that’s all for today! Have a good week!

Love you,

Elder Hanson

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