Wednesday, July 1, 2009

April 19th 2009

Well Hello!

First off, I have been taking lots of videos of us two, so don’t even worry about it, it’s classic I can’t even believe that I can understand the guy sometimes. We had Zone Conference last week and I was the one translating for people, it’s pretty funny.

Well I have been enjoying the fruits of the package! Thanks so much for the socks; they really are so nice, I can’t even tell you.

Everything else here is pretty good, nothing too new or interesting. We have had some rough weather, but I think it is on the turn around.

We have been working and studying better than I think I have ever done in the mission, it’s just hard to really express that over email, but you know I just feel really good, and blessed to be out here.

Having a convert of just a few years in the lessons and in contacts is such a blessing, and it makes me really think about a lot of things. He asks me questions all the time about the fam, and about how I grew up, and that makes me realize how fortunate we are/I am.

Well I have been learning how to cook more recently. None of us really know how too cook, but we both want to eat well; so I made some chimmy changa things the other day, they were really good!

We have had a bit of a rough week as far as people cancelling, or just not showing up to visits, but you know, that’s how the cards fall sometimes.

Oh ya, so yesterday when we were in church, the branch pres came up to me and asked me to give a talk in sacrament! Thanks for the heads up! I really can’t believe that I did it. I was pretty calm before, and during the talk, which is really strange, I never am that way. I think I have learned and have grown so much already, and I’ve still got another year. It’s incredible sometimes.

So it sounds like things are pretty good! Mom sounds...well you know, kind of what I expected. I guess no mothers day call?

You can call me on mother’s day, you know like Christmas. What time do you want to do that at? Feel free to change the day, whenever you would like to do it.

Alright, take care,

Elder Hanson

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