Wednesday, July 1, 2009

April 26th 2009


Thanks for the mail, and yes I am having a pretty good time out here, but my videos that I have been taking lately are way better than those ones! So send me back the memory card, and I’ll send you the next one as soon as you want. But I’ve been thinking that if you just sent me a pen drive thing that might be easier you know? Just a thought, but you should try and send that as fast as you can.

Well things are pretty good here, you know the weather has lightened up a bit, and that always helps. The work is getting better and better, I think we taught the best lesson that I’ve ever been in this week, I hope things keep going that way.

We’ve been trying to speak as much Spanish as possible, and it is really helping me, I am glad that my comp is as willing to help me with all of it, and is determined enough to keep going.

The food has been quite boring this week; we’re almost towards the end of the month, which means we’re all out of money! Rice and Pasta!

We met a some ladies yesterday that came to visit the branch, one served a mission here, and we talked for a while. The other one is a Samoan lady who is married to a Tongan guy who knows Jeff Kaufusi! Small world. She said shewould say hi to him for me the next time that she could.

Well I do quite enjoy the news updates, I have to read them once I go back to the church, and that isn’t always every week, but you know I do read them! It is just tough to read them while on the computer.

Oh yes I am learning all these British words, like that a hood of a car is called a bonnet, and the trunk is a boot, and these sayings and that pissed is a swear word, and you know just funny little things that I’ll tell you about in the phone call! Tell me when you’d like to do it, and we’ll set that up ok!

Take care! Have a great week!

Take care of the roof! And yes send me some pics of the Mustang ASAP!

Elder Hanson

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