Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brett's last night home or,...OMG! what are we going to do without BRETT!

Well, if you read my "meadow on a ledge" blog a few weeks ago then you know how I was feeling on this evening...these pictures were taken after Brett was set apart as a Missionary. So here he is with his mangy looking companion for the next 24 hours. 
MY BOYS...boy do i love them

The setting apart was a sweet experience; and I don't mean saaaaweeeet...I mean sweet. I just wish I had a better memory because I have nothing that was said, in writing. Everyone got a chance to say a few words to Brett about how they felt about the gospel, about this choice he was making, about our pride in him. His Mother Suzy was so gracious to Mike and I. Her comments were toward us and the gratitude she felt for the way we'd raised her Sons.  That was so kind of her.  The blessing given to Brett was beautiful and I felt the Lord was with us. Brett's countenance seemed to change as we said Amen. The smile wouldn't leave his face. His testimony of the work he was about to do was sweet and ambitious. 

Let the adventure begin!   

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Erin said...

And his work will be great! It's quite an accomplishment to raise nice boys, who desire to live the gospel and serve the Lord. You will be blessed richly, you know that right?!