Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October 13, 2008

Wow, that´s unreal!

I don´t even know where to start, that whole story is so crazy. But i only

have questions. What about the attic now? How do you think it started?

Didn´t you just do some work on the attic not too long ago? That is all very


All the failing car businesses and such, that is also really crazy. Things

all around the world are all bad. That´s all that we hear of all day, is how

rough everything is. But how is the cu? alright?

Here, not too much is new, except that i am staying here for a while, and I

am getting another companion on Wednesday. It should be good. 

The work here should pick up some more with the arrival of the new comp.

I´ll explain more as the time goes by.

I´m glad to see that you got my package! The thing cost me enough I tell

you! But did you like the pics in it? The video of the hot dog water is

pretty good!

Thanks for giving all that to marcus and such. It is much appriciated. I

sent a letter home to the Bennets the other day, it should get there pretty

soon, if you would, pass that along too.

Thanks for the mail, and everything! 

I hope that all continues to be ok, keep me updated on all that is going on!


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