Sunday, May 11, 2008

Email from Brett May 8th.

Brett Lives about 150 feet away from it, on the same property. 
What a beautiful view to wake up too.

well first off we´ll cover the business...We are going to the stores today for p day so i´ll see if they have the paper or whatever...i heard the chinese stores have some cheap paper, mainly it is just strange here to buy things, and with the dollar exchange rate at 1.7 dollars to 1 euro things aren´t looking cheap. However i must say that the church gives us 30 euro a week while we are here in the MTC so that should help!! I´ll email you later on today to let you know how the trip to the store goes. 

Anyway glad to hear the trip to st george was fun!! I mean you did it all for me...essentially...i´ve made you do a bunch of junk since i left, sorry about that, but just know that i am exrteeeeeemly greatful for it, and with my praying at least 20 times a day (and no that is not an exageration) you all find your way in there somehow....

But the volley ball thing, I swear you are good! You´ll be fine don´t worry, just try and not get kicked out for yelling at the kids or the other coach or something!!! (Morgan's V- ball Coach had to work so he told me I was Coaching last Saturday YIKES! Luckily his wife Celeste showed up and we team coached.)

Also if you see Bryce´s mom tell her hi for me, me and Elder Sansing talk a lot, agian it is really nice to see anything that has some resemblence of home....

But things are pretty good here, the food though...maybe it´s just me but Provo had it way better than here. I mean i´m getting used to the whole sea food thing, but in provo  it was unlimited seconds and the lady´s wouldn´t get mad if you didn´t eat everything off your plate!

We had to do some visa stuff yesterday...we went into town in a car, that was so strange....i haven´t been in one of those for a while.

But the best thing here by far is the park. Every saturday we get to go to the park and preach the gospel for real! i was so scared, ¡¡¡¡¡i dont speak spanish!!! we are supposed to talk to everyone on the metro on the way there and all we see in this huge park once we get there!! We got new companions for the day (that had been in the ccm for a while and could speak half decent) and we went out. half the time as we would start to talk they would get into some random conversation and i wouldn´t know what they were saying. but after some hard times we got talking with an older man, just about the birds and the trees, and he was helping us with our spanish, and then we started to bring up the gospel. with him knowing that we were his friend first, and that we actually cared about him and what he thought, he was more readily able to accept what we wanted to teach him. We gave him a Book of Mormon, or Libro de Mormón, and then it was time to go. but i can tell you it is amazing to actually work and see what we will be doing for the next 2 years!!

i´m excited to get out there, but first i´ve gotta learn this language!

I´ll get back to you in a few hours...

Love Elder Hanson

Some day I'm hoping he'll send some pictures. I'm having withdrawals.  :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Brett,

What a beautiful country to serve your mission!

We know you will do a good work there.

Shelly is right, you and Nate, it seems in a very short time, have gone from boys to men. (is that a group of some kind?

We were surprised that on you first day of teaching you were talking about the "birds and bees". I guess anything to get someones attention.

You do look so very handsome in you suit. Just keep that great smile and you, the Lord and the Holy Ghost will win hearts and souls.

We love you,
Grandma and Grandpa Johnson

Beth said...

k so hey its beth! lol i thought this was bretts blog..?? confused but oh well. Anyways, I just wanna say that i think what you are doing is really cool, I think it takes alot of guts to go somewhere so far away from home AND try to speak a new language all at the same time. I live in texas and as you should know there are tons of ppl that speak spanish and i still dont know it. So i hope you have better luck than me. I hope that you are having a great time!! I will be checking this every once in awhile. But if you can email ppl you should email me or i can start writing you letters! But really have an amazing time and take advantage of the great oppertunity you have been given.
Love Beth!!
P.S. Email: